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Drag, or dragline, buckets are constantly assaulted by coal, rock, and sand that impacts and scrapes their surfaces during excavation. This constant impact and abrasion eventually wears and erodes the buckets, causing loss of productivity.

Clifton Steel’s Clif-Clad® chromium carbide overlayTensalloy™ AR400 and Tensalloy™ Blue AR500 materials were specifically designed for the impact and abrasion inherent in mining, construction and excavation. Clifton can quickly and easily fabricate a liner for any drag bucket, and thus keeping expensive draglines in production.

Clifton’s cost effective liners:

  • Repair worn or eroded buckets
  • Protect existing equipment, especially in critical wear areas
  • Line all or part of the bucket
  • Are made for any bucket, regardless of OEM
  • Can be fabricated for perforated or solid wall buckets

Product Applications