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The Clifton Steel facility now contains custom metal and steel fabricating services complete with machining, cutting, and forming capabilities never before offered to our customers from a single manufacturing location. This evolution in service underscores Clifton Steel’s commitment to providing the absolute highest level of quality, service and product available in the wear resistant steel products market.

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Recognized specialists in wear-resistant steel fabrication, especially quenched and tempered and 11-14% manganese steels, Clifton’s state-of-the-art in-house capacity is comprehensive, including cutting, welding, drilling, and heat-treating.


At Clifton Steel, precision work is our specialty. Our experienced team forms our full line of abrasion and impact-resistant materials to meet exact customer specifications.


Clifton Steel drills and countersinks holes from 1/4 inch to 5 inches in diameter…even through15 inch thick plate. Using leading-edge technology, we deliver fast, efficient, and exact drilling finishes, even in hard-to-machine wear-resistant materials.


Our capacity encompasses an entire range of manual and automated welding technologies, including TTG and MIG for manganese and other steel alloys. Pre-heating, full edge preparation and post-weld stress relieving are our standard processes, not expensive options.


Put Clifton Steel to the test. We manage it all, Clifton can mill slots, thread holes, bevel, and chamfer even in tough wear resistant materials.


We flame cut plate to any desired length up to 15 inches in thickness and 120 inches in width. For heavy plate burning, preheated and postheating are our standard processes to assure clean cuts without stress cracking at the edges. At Clifton, quality is the standard, not an option.


Clifton can shear ballisticaly approved armor plate and Q & T steel up to 40 UNHN on small parts, a minimum tolerance of +/-0.020 inches can be held. The firm’s unique equipment routinely shears plate up to 144 inches wide and up to 3/8 inches thickness in 400 Brinell materials.


Band and hack saw capacity is in place with cutting capacity up to 24 inches in diameter. Rotary carbide saw capability handles all manganese rounds up to 4 inches in diameter.


For customers who machine quenched or tempered plate we can stress-relieve or re-temper components after burning or fabricating. 

Clifton Steel is a leader in custom metal & steel fabrication
plasma burn steel


Clifton’s multiple burning tables are equipped with dry and underwater capacity for plasma, high-definition plasma, and oxyacetylene burning. We also employ state-of-the-art electric eye, pantograph machines and computer numerically controlled (CNC) systems with multiple torches that can simultaneously produce up to 32 duplicate pieces. A clear benefit for Clifton customers: less manufacturing time and resultant lower costs.

Laser cutting and water jet cutting are available for plates 72” wide and up to 120” long. Clifton can provide laser cutting up to 1” in thickness. When high precision is required, Clifton can produce cut parts with consistently high quality.