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Clifton Steel’s Tensaweld Ultra-100 is a tubular wire for gas shielded metal arc hardfacing. It provides martensitic weld metal with strong abrasion and impact resistance.

This wire was developed to be compatible with Tensaweld Nickel-90, Tensaweld Workmate. When applied as a cover pass, Ultra-100 will seal the weld joint from abrasion and impact wear and will help resist cracking. It is especially useful in multiple pass applications of 2 to 3 layers for maximum wear life. The Ultra-100 wire is used when good resistance to abrasion and impact in wet or dry environments is required while maintaining resistance to cracking.

Clifton Steel strives to provide our customers with a confident experience while deciding what wire to purchase. That’s why we’ve taken the guesswork out of the buying experience. By developing these wires to compliment our products, we guarantee compatibility when partnered with our material.


Showing how we border the area to be overlaid with Ultra-100 Weld Wire. This keeps the area under control and stops spillover.


Showing the weld being applied.

Showing the finished weld.

Common Uses

  • Bucket Teeth
  • Lips & Undersides
  • Cutting Edges
  • Cable Drums
  • Dragline Buckets
  • Conveyor Chutes
  • Grizzly Bars
  • Steel Mill Rolls
  • Sand Dredge Equipment
  • Feed Screw Flights
  • Liner Plates
  • Cutter Bars
  • Cover Pass/ AR Liner Plug Weld and Joints
  • Crusher Hammers
  • Shredder Hammers
  • Coil Guard Repairs
  • Bark Hog Hammers

Ultra-100 Classification

Classification: DIN 8555 MF 6-GF-60-GP

Tensaweld® ultra-100 weld wire specifications

Typical all-weld metal analysis


Conditions Of Use

Current TypeProtection*
DC (+)Gas shielded (AR - 2% 02)

Typical all-weld metal mechanical properties

Hardness – three layer deposit
As welded: 57 HRc

Welding positions

Flat, half up and half down

Operating Conditions

Recovery: 90%

DiameterAmperage (A)Voltage (V)Stick-Out (IN.)


DiameterStandard PackagingWeight
0.045"Spool EN759: BS 30033 lb spools
1/16"Spool EN759: BS 30033 lb spools

By placing Ultra-100 weld wire on the impact zone of the hammer, the overall life of the hammer itself has been greated extended (typically more than doubled).

important: special ventilation and/or exhaust required

Fumes from the normal use of some welding products can contain significant quantities of components – such as chromium and manganese – which can lower the 5.0 mg/m3 maximum exposure guideline for general welding fume.

Before use, read and understand the material safety data sheet (MSDS) for this product and specific information printed on the product container.