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The cheek plates lining the inside of the jaw crusher cavity are subject to both high stress (during the crushing cycle) and low stress (between crushing cycles) abrasion. This abrasion wears away the material from which the cheek plates are made.

Clifton Steel’s Tensalloy™ Blue material is a tough, abrasion resistant material designed for this type of application. Cheek plates made from Tensalloy™ Blue are easy to install and last longer to keep jaw crushers productive.

Clifton’s Tensalloy™ Blue cheek plates are:

  • Made from through hardened, quench & tempered material for longer wear
  • Expertly machined to specification for fast, easy installation and good fit
  • Primed with Rust Inhibitor so spare parts can be safely stored at the job site for fast & easy install

For Extreme Applications & Media being processed, Clifton can also supply Cheek Plates in Tensamang™ (11-14% Hadfield Grade Manganese Work Hardening Steel) & Clif-Clad® Chromium Carbide Overlay, machined complete to your custom request.

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