WonderTile AR500 Armor Tile
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WonderTilesTM offer an affordable and flexible solution providing robust ballistic protection for your customers, employees, visitors, or the home with a level of ballistic protection strong enough for military use.  These functional pieces are bulletproof tiles or panels allowing facilities and consumers to harden critical areas, such as reception desks, doors, and walls. Clifton Steel’s work in ballistic protection has earned the trust of the government, military, and commercial clients for decades.

Designed to be fixed into place on various surfaces, WonderTiles can be installed in visible areas, or in hidden locations to provide covert bulletproof protection. The 16 x 16-inch tiles are available in a variety of finishes to match any decor, making this the perfect ballistic protection for your home. The bulletproof panels can be custom shapes and sizes, fitting perfectly with your aesthetic.

Each 16″ wall tile provides 1.78 sq/ft of protection and can be mounted to any flat surface. They offer flexible mounting options and can be supplied with mounting holes to accommodate 16″ studs. Built to withstand up to NIJ Level IV attacks, these tiles and custom-sized panels offer the highest level of personal ballistic protection currently available. 

personal protection armor tiles, bullet proof panels

*Safe Place Solutions is a Clifton Steel owned company.

armor tile application areas for home, office, school use

Examples of where ballistic protection tiles can be used

hidden ballistic protection in desk in school setting

What looks like an ordinary reception desk that is custom fitted with hidden bulletproof panels

bulletproof desk with hidden ballistic panels in office setting

Inside of the reception desk showing what the bulletproof panels look like

bullet proof reception desk in a hospital or office setting

Hidden ballistic protection that does not interfere with decor

custom ballistic door skin for added protection. Good for home, school, offices, public spaces

Ballistic protection skin for door

Bulletproof door protection and bulletproof wall panels in the home

Custom bulletproof doors or wall panels


  • Walls
  • Reception Desks 
  • Door skins
  • Sliding panels
  • Furniture
  • Customize to your needs

Great For

  • Homes
  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Banks
  • Retail
  • Private Locations
  • Anyone looking for ballistic protection
Mounted bullet proof panels

Advantages of Bulletproof Tiles

  • Affordable ballistic protection
  • Multi-hit protection
  • Customizable shapes, colors or configurations
  • Military strength protection 
  • Variety of finishes to match decor
  • In sight or hidden installation available 
  • Withstands up to NIJ Level IV attacks
  • Fits in 16″ studs for easy wall installation 
Ballistic Armour Tile dimmension

Understanding the protection levels

ClassificationProtects From
Level IIA 9mm; .40 S&W
Level II9 mm; .357 Magnum
Level IIIA.357 SIG; .44 Magnum
Level III Rifles
Level IV Armor Piercing Rifle

Different levels of protection are needed for different situations. The U.S. National Institute of Justice (NIJ) is the only national standard accepted by law enforcement and correction officers. They have created standard levels of classifications based on levels of ballistic protection. Having these standards helps users understand what their armor will protect them against. 

While a higher NIJ level typically means a higher protection level, they do not take into account outside factors, such as weight or multiple hit capabilities. Talk with one of our armor specialists about your particular situation so we can help find the best protection for you. 


Q: Can the tiles be cut into custom shapes? 

A: Yes, we are able to customize your bulletproof panels to fit your specific design needs.

Q: Can the bulletproof panels be shaped?  

A: Yes, we have the ability to not only cut the ballistic panels into custom shapes, but also form them if they need to be curved. 

Q: Can you add holes to the ballistic protection tiles so I can adhere them to my project? 

A: Absolutely!

Q: I’m worried about the ballistic protection being too heavy for my walls. What is the weight of the tiles? 

A: The weight depends on size and thickness. Our 16″ x 16″ x 1/4″  tile weighs just over 18 pounds.

Q: Can I put these panels in my home? 

A: Of course! The WonderTile provides bulletproof panels that are easy for home installation. They can be attached to any flat surface for added ballistic protection. 

Q: Can these tiles survive multiple gunshots? 

A: Yes, WonderTiles provide bulletproof protection that withstands multiple handgun, rifle, and shotgun blasts. 

bulletproof desk with hidden ballistic panels in office setting

Hidden ballistic protection for a reception desk in a school setting. The bulletproof panels were custom created and formed based on customer need. 

WonderTile test showing multiple shots with different types of guns, from handguns to rifles.