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The WonderBoardTM offers a military ballistic level of protection in an easy to operate form for civilians. This multifunctional piece of equipment is constructed with proprietary ballistic technology and fortified with military grade bulletproof armor to increase the likelihood of survival. Clifton Steel’s work in ballistic protection has earned the trust of the government, military, and commercial clients for decades.

Doors, wood, and glass can leave you vulnerable in an active shooter event. Increase the likelihood of survival with the WonderBoard™, a multi-use bullet proof mobile presentation board that is made of 1/4 inch ballistic armor. It’s easily deployed in doorways to create a barricade between you and the threat outside, buying you valuable time. 

The WonderBoard™ meets NIJ Level III standards (see below for more information on NIJ levels) and can withstand multiple impacts from fire arms. Because it has a multi-use nature, the WonderBoard™ can go from a teaching tool to a ballistic shield in less than 30 seconds. Simply move the bullet proof board in front of the door, line it up, and lock it in place. 

With a large bullet proof surface area, the WonderBoard™ also can be used as a shield for first responders. It’s high mobility allows the board to move easily through hallways while providing life-saving protection. 

life saving bulletproof product

*Safe Place Solutions is a Clifton Steel owned company.

angles of bulletproof white board
wooden chairs vs ballistic board for life saving protection
white board with ballistic protection in a classroom
bulletproof product in entrance of school
bullet proof barrier in door of classroom
foot locking ballistic barrier in classroom
bullet proof barrier being moved in place


  • White Board
  • Cork Board 
  • Magnetic Board 
  • Ballistic Shield for First Responder
  • Shield for open doorways 
  • Safe place to hide

Great For

  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Banks
  • Retail
  • Anyone looking for ballistic protection
life saving bulletproof product

Advantages of The WonderBoard

  • Mobile bulletproof protection
  • Multi-hit bullet protection
  • Easy to deploy
  • Military strength protection 
  • Locks in place 
  • Large surface area
  • Withstands up to NIJ Level III attacks
  • Protects against hands and assault rifles
  • Unobtrusive 
bullet proof barrier being moved in place

Understanding the protection levels

ClassificationProtects From
Level IIA 9mm; .40 S&W
Level II9 mm; .357 Magnum
Level IIIA.357 SIG; .44 Magnum
Level III Rifles
Level IV Armor Piercing Rifle

Different levels of protection are needed for different situations. The U.S. National Institute of Justice (NIJ) is the only national standard accepted by law enforcement and correction officers. They have created standard levels of classifications based on levels of ballistic protection. Having these standards helps users understand what their armor will protect them against. 

While a higher NIJ level typically means a higher protection level, they do not take into account outside factors, such as weight or multiple hit capabilities. Talk with one of our armor specialists about your particular situation so we can help find the best protection for you.