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Personal Protection Bullet Proof Boards

Posted on Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Personal Protection Bullet Proof Boards

Safe Place Solution is a sister company to Clifton Steel, focusing on products that are designed for personal use to keep you safe if a threat arises. We offer bulletproof steel tiles, called WonderTile™, as well as our bulletproof presentation boards. Watch our video or read below to learn more about how the WonderBoard™ offers military-level protection in public spaces.


What is the wonderboardTM?

life saving bulletproof product

Introducing, the WonderBoard™. The WonderBoard™ from Safe Place Solution is a bulletproof mobile presentation board made of quarter-inch light gauge armor that can be easily deployed behind a doorway, creating a bulletproof barricade between you and the threat outside buying you valuable time when minutes matter.

Designed to withstand multiple impacts from firearms ranging from handguns to rifles, the WonderBoard™ meets the National Institute of Justice Level III standard, providing ballistic protection against rifle rounds.

bullet proof barrier in door of classroom

The WonderBoard™ is a multi-use unobtrusive mobile presentation solution that can be deployed and locked in place in less than 30 seconds should a threat arise. Use the WonderBoard™ as a message or presentation board in open lobby areas, classrooms, or offices. Then quickly deploy to critical areas or use as a shield for first responders.

bullet proof barrier being moved in place
foot locking ballistic barrier in classroom

WonderBoard Properties

The WonderBoard™ comes with a standard 3′ by 5′ dry erase surface that covers the 1/4 inch ballistic armor face. Should the whiteboard become damaged, it’s easily removed and replaced with another standard 3′ x 5′ whiteboard or corkboard. The WonderBoard™ is magnetic as well. 

The WonderBoard™ is highly mobile and easily deployed by almost anyone. From schools and classrooms to commercial businesses, financial institutions, or retail spaces, the applications are only limited by your imagination. 

white board with ballistic protection in a classroom

Safe Place Solutions does more than stop bullets. We provide powerful peace of mind. 


For more information or to order, click on the “request a quote” button, call us at 888-906-2036, or visit our page on the WonderBoard™ to learn more. 


When minutes matter, find a safe place.