Wear & Impact Resistant Steel
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When you have an application that requires more wear and impact resistance, Clifton Steel’s steel wear-plate offers superior results. In particular, our Tensalloy™ AR4OO or AR450 wear-plate are a heated-treated steel plate that is specially processed for outstanding durability. The end result is a higher hardness with the greatest possible wear resistance. Our Tensalloy™ Blue AR500 steel wear plate is engineered to perform consistently with no surprises and affords users additional abrasion resistance, outstanding wear and impact resistance, less fatigue and corrosion resistance.

As a result of all the Tensalloy™ steel processing features, Clifton Steel’s wear-plate provides assurance that the steel won’t prematurely crack or deteriorate and that it will be workable. Thanks to the excellent impact and wear resistant qualities of our Tensalloy™ steel wear plate—in particular our AR500 — it is used by a number of industries for their toughest applications. Industries like aggregates, mining, shredding, railroad, steel mills, foundry, and others trust our steel wear plate products for their most demanding tasks.

See for yourself what our Tensalloy™ AR500 steel brand and other impact resistant steel
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