Tensaweld® Welding Wire
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At Clifton Steel, we’ve had a long history of providing innovative solutions and being a one-stop shop.  With the addition of our weld wire line, we have brought a new sense of ease and confidence to the wire buying process. Our wire products have been formulated to be compatible with our premier metals, AR400AR500A514Manganese SteelArmor Plate & More! For over 45 years, customers in the military, aggregates, mining, steel, and shredder/recycling industries have all relied on Clifton Steel products for the durability and reliability for their application needs. With our dedication towards providing quality products and experiences, we are pleased to offer a comprehensive selection of weld wire products for all your welding needs. Contact a representative today to find out which weld wire is best suited for your projects.

The Mang-312 weld wire is formulated to weld dissimilar products such as manganese to Carbon Steel.

This wire is designed with 1% nickel and microalloying to produce welds with tougher weld joints.

The Workmate weld wire is a strong overall 70 series wire formulated to work with parts that are scaly or slightly dirty.

When applied as a cover pass, Ultra-100 will seal the weld joint from abrasion and impact wear and will help resist cracking.

This chrome-free weld wire has been formulated to seal joints in Overlay material, making it compatible for welding ClifClad.

The Ultra-300 weld wire has been designed for components that undergo wear in extreme abrasion, high-stress grinding applications.