Exceptional Wear Protection for Rotors
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While Clifton Steel is most known for our through-hardened Hammer Pins, we also produce and provide the highest quality shredder replacement parts. Maximum strength and impact resistant products increase shredding and reduces wear to provide the most economical products. Our shredder replacement parts can be made from a drawing supplied, or can be reverse-engineered from measurements our experienced team takes. 

We know the importance of having a reliable, heightened wear resistant material for shredding applications. That’s why we use our exceptional Tensalloy™ suite for the highest wear resistance for tough applications. Tensalloy provides consistent, controlled quality resulting in a dependable abrasion resistant steel. Tensalloy metals are always controlled within a range of carbon, vacuum degassed for cleanliness, and properly heat treated. 

Shredder Rotor Replacement Parts wear steel
Shredder Liners Side Liners
recycling grates for rotor
auger screws
conveyor belt wear products
Conveyor Clips for Conveyor Wear Parts

Side Liners

Side liners are cut and machined to your specification for a perfect fit. Made from our Tensalloy steel for extreme wear protection.

Screens & Grates

Screens and grates are made from our superior Tensalloy™ AR plate or Tensamang 11-14% Hadfield Manganese. We cut and form the steel in house, giving us more control over the quality of fabrication and distribution time. 

Hand Laid Applications

With Clif-Clad Chromium Carbide for ultimate extension of wear life, Clifton Steel can hand lay extra protection for applications that see heavy impact and wear. 

Great to use for hammers, augers, flights and more. Talk to a Clifton Steel representative to see if hand laid chromium carbide is right for your project. 


We offer a range of expertly designed bars to reduce bowing and improve quality and shredding.

    • Inner Top Breaker Bars
    • Outer Top Breaker Bars
    • Lower Breaker & Combo Bars
    • Intake Spreader bar
    • Cutter Bar
    • Filler Bars
    • Grate Bars

Rotor Caps

Clifton Steel offers a wide range of rotor caps made from optimized alloys for increased strength and durability.  Designs can be customized with our engineering team to give your application a perfect fit. 

Roof Plates

Designed for strength and durability, Clifton Steel’s roof plates offer exceptional wear protection where it counts. 

Conveyor wear parts

Customized conveyor wear solutions are expertly manufactured with the highest quality for your unique application. Speak with a scrap and recycling expert at Clifton Steel to discuss your specific needs and how we can help. 

Additional Offerings

Clifton Steel is here to support you and your needs. We also offer: 

    • Spider Cap Bushings
    • Conveyor Clips 
Looking for something you don’t see on our website? Contact us with what you’re looking for and we will let you know if we can supply!