Hammer Pins for Scrap Metal Shredders

Through-Hardened Hammer Pins deliver longer service life with lowest cost-per-ton on the market. Straightened and stress-relieved, Clifton Steel’s pins are the highest quality pin available today. Our Tough Core Hammer Pins are made of special high alloy steel, and are heat treated with a proprietary process that gives uniform penetration from surface to core. This process provides a hammer pin with a uniform core hardness that almost equals surface hardness—and is double that of other pins. This provides maximum strength to resist flexing and impact shock that can cause premature wear. High surface hardness assures improved under-the-hammer wear for lasting service; matching core hardness minimizes fatigue for lasting satisfaction.

Clifton Steel supplies Tough Core Hammer Pins with one end drilled and tapped for the puller. The opposite end can be tapered to customer specification. Available 3″ through 7-3/4″ in. diameter, the Pins are in stock for fast delivery.

Nose Assemblies. Clifton Steel’s high alloy breaker bar is engineered in three piece weldments: This exclusive three-segment design provides a superior wear cutter bar of high strength, alloy plate. The wear quality and service life of Clifton’ Steels hardened alloy plate fabrication far exceed conventional one-piece castings for outstanding durability and performance.

Clifton Steel also fabricates manganese drum separators and other shredder replacement parts to meet your exact specifications. Depend on our 40 years of experience in the shredder industry to provide you with the most innovative and high-performance parts available on the market.