Exceptional Wear Protection for Rotors
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More Than Just Pins.

Since 1978, Clifton Steel has been developing and fabricating parts for the Scrap and Recycling industry. While we have an exemplary reputation for our through-hardened hammer pins, Clifton Steel also covers a multitude of products for the industry. Our expert team members have been focused on serving the recycling industry for years, using their experience to work for you to understand the unique needs and deliver, without compromise.  

Scrap & Recycling rotor diagram


Through-Hardened Hammer Pins and Tie Bolts deliver longer service life with lowest cost-per-ton on the market. Straightened and stress-relieved, Clifton Steel’s pins and bolts are the highest quality pin available today. Our hammer pins and tie bolts are flex and shock resistant, have a high surface hardness and provide maximum strength.

Manganese Separator Drums offers a cost effective solution with an expeditious fabrication process. Made from TensamangTM 11-14% Hadfield Manganese or stainless steel, Clifton Steel’s separator Drums long lasting material provides an extended wear life, resulting in less downtime for you

Rotor Replacement Parts can be made from a drawing supplied or reverse engineered from measurements our team takes. Replacement parts such as side liners, grates, breaker bars, and more are fabricated from our TensalloyTM material, cut and machined to your specification for a perfect fit.