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Clifton Steel Sponsoring Uppercut in BattleBots

The hit show BattleBots is set to begin taping for its 2019 season. This year, Clifton Steel is a sponsor and a supplier for team Uppercut’s bot, meaning we are providing all of the steel! If you aren’t familiar with the show, it’s a world-class fight to the death between machines. These bots are the toughest you’ve seen, and they go head to head to compete for the prestigious prize: The Giant Nut. The taping will be taking place in Long Beach, CA, April 12 through April 22. The new season will include 16 episodes and will premiere this Spring!
We have provided steel previously for bots that battled. You can read more about the bot that was built in 2018 with Clifton Steel’s material here:

and a video to one of Duck!’s battles!

Be sure to look for the Clifton Steel logo in the upcoming season!