For over 40 years Clifton Steel has supplied abrasion resistant, impact resistant and wear resistant steel for the Mining Industry. Companies in the mining industry who are looking for an experienced wear resistant steel plate partner need look no further than Clifton Steel. For almost a half century, Clifton has been providing the mining industry with chromium carbide overlay (Clif-Clad), Tensalloy AR400, AR450, AR500 and Tensamang 11-14% Hadfield Grade Manganese steel. All of these product options resist impact, abrasion and wear, thereby increasing the mining equipment lifetime.

Steel For Mining Industry From Clifton Steel Steel For Mining Industry From Clifton Steel Steel For Mining Industry From Clifton Steel

Clifton Steel provides all of its mining equipment steel with the highest attention paid to meeting and exceeding the industry’s most stringent standards. The company backs up that commitment by standing behind its industrial wear resistant steel products. If you’re looking for dependable steel overlay plate from a customer-oriented manufacturer who will work one-on-one with you, Clifton Steel fills the bill. Throughout the entire purchasing process, the Clifton team will be right beside you, helping you design the wear resistant steel plate solution that’s right for your mining needs.

What’s more, for those mining companies that require an innovative resolution for stubborn impact and wear resistant problems, Clifton offers a host of mining-specific applications. The Clifton Steel selection of industrial steel wear plate products and leading-edge fabrication techniques is second to none. Count on Clifton to deliver the best results for all your mining equipment wear challenges.

Even during peak production season, Clifton Steel’s industrial steel wear plating for the mining industry can be trusted to withstand high-volume wear, impact and abrasion so that no costly down time is experienced.

That’s because Clifton Steel covers the complete spectrum of abrasion and impact resistant steel plates and high strength steels that are necessary for staying competitive in today's rapidly growing and changing mining markets. Worn parts that hamper throughput during the peak mining production season are a thing of the past with Clifton Steel impact resistant steel plates. At the same time, the product line’s wear resistance makes it so durable that not only are maintenance cycles reduced but production lines keep right on flowing.

Tensalloy™ From Clifton Steel

Clifton Steel abrasion resistant, impact resistant and wear resistant parts are designed to fit and perform to the highest expectations.

With focused attention on your bottom line, Clifton Steel works directly with each of our mining clients to reduce the time and money they spend maintaining and servicing different equipment parts. Our in-house engineering team is poised to help you design standardized steel parts to improve your wear, reduce your inventory and save you money.

Entrust your mining wear issues to an industrial leader with a four-decade track record in solving them. Clifton Steel … Innovative solutions for your industrial wear problems.

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