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Steps For A Custom Fabrication Project

Posted on Thursday, March 10, 2022

Steps For A Custom Fabrication Project

More often than not, projects in the steel industry are not one size fits all. In fact, it’s pretty rare when that happens. While Clifton Steel can provide simple products or steel plate, we specialize in customizing fabrication solutions, big and small. Here’s a look at what steps to expect when working with us for your custom fabrication needs.


First things first, we want to figure out what the customer needs. During an initial meeting, we’ll discuss the application where the customer may be experiencing material handling wear. There’s a chance they’re just in need of raw material for their own fabrication needs. Step one is all about discovering what problem the customer is having, and how we can help them solve it.


Next up, field visit. During the field visit we thoroughly inspect the application and investigate the issue at hand. In most cases, we review an application showing wear that needs to be replaced. However, in some cases there is also a need for a design change. Typically, an initial and/or final field measurement is made from the existing equipment.

sales reps meeting for custom fabrication field visit


Now that we’ve seen what needs to be done, we chat with the customer about the best course of action to solve to the problem. We’ll make recommendations such as the best material to use for improved wear or any potential design changes to improve wear. If we’re looking at just replacement parts, we’ll cover the ease of replacement

STEP FOUR: Engineering

If a new design is needed, our engineering team will develop it. When it’s complete, the sales representative will present the design to the customer for approval. For simpler applications, we develop a shop drawing for our use. When there are details that need to be confirmed, we’ll send to the customer for approval.

engineer drawing for custom fabrication

STEP Five: production

The liner or fabrication is produced in the shop utilizing ISO protocols and QC methods.

STEP six: delivery

Time to send out the custom fabrication! We’ll work with the customer to coordinate a delivery plan.

custom fabrication project delivery

Give us a call at 216.662.6111 or fill out our form to start a conversation about your custom fabrication needs.