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Personal Protection Bullet Proof Tiles

Posted on Monday, May 3, 2021

Personal Protection Bullet Proof Tiles

It’s more important than ever to have a safe space to hide in the event of an emergency. We’re talking about schools, offices, retails areas, even homes. Threats can come out of nowhere when you’re least expecting them. Safe Place Solutions (a sister company of Clifton Steel) has created a mountable  bullet proof tile to provide peace of mind if an active shooter situation arises. Watch our video to learn more about the WonderTile™


What are wondertiles?

There is an affordable user-friendly solution to protect you in an active shooter event, buying precious time and increasing the likelihood of survival. Introducing, WonderTiles™. 

WonderTiles™ from Safe Place Solutions are our ballistic surface tiles that provide front-line protection, buying you valuable time when minutes matter. Designed to withstand multiple impacts from firearms, ranging from handguns to even the most aggressive of weapons such as AK47s and AR15s. 


These tiles can be supplied to meet the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Level 4 standard providing the highest level of ballistic protection available. The DIY-friendly tiles panels install quickly with minimal effort and the standard 16 inch by 16 inch size allow for easy mounting to wall studs. 

easy install bullet proof product to 16 x 16 in wall stud

They can be modified to fit your application or expected threat level, and are available in custom sizes, configurations, and designs. Mounting options are equally as flexible. WonderTiles™ can bemounted on any verticle or horizontal surface or can be installed out of sight from the backside of a desk or behind a wall to offer an invisible layer of frontline ballistic protection. A wide array of tile color options will complement most any decor.

hidden bulletproof protection, invisible ballistic shield
bulletproof door, bullet proof wall
custom bulletproof protection, custom ballistic steel

How well do wondertiles perform?

Let’s look at how they protect against a full array of weapons from handguns to rifles being fired at close range.

9mm para bullet stopped by ballistic protection shield, wondertile from safe place solution
.308 winchester gun bullet shots stopped by bulletproof steel tile
.40 s&w bulletproof steel

“So there’s 5 shots here on the 5/16 plate and not a single penetration with armor-piercing rounds. Which is even more impressive than the 1/2 inch plate here, because this plate should not be able to stop AP rounds, but it is. and there’s a slight depression from one bullet here, but other than that nothing, absolutely nothing.”

armor piercing bullets stopped by wondertile
.454 casull bulletproof tile

“This is very impressive stuff here from Safe Place Solutions.”

WonderTiles™ do more than stop bullets, they provide powerful peace of mind.

For more information, or to order, call us at 888.906.2036 or visit our webpage on WonderTiles.

When minutes matter, find a safe place.