Clifton Steel’s longstanding reputation and proven track record in the steel manufacturing industry affords our industrial wear clients unparalleled peace of mind. When you choose to partner with Clifton Steel, you can rest assured of our customer-centric commitment. We’ll tirelessly put to work on your behalf our 40+ year tradition of supplying abrasion resistant, impact resistant and wear resistant steel parts for industrial wear applications just like yours. Among our offerings to extend these properties are Tensalloy™ 400, 450 and 500 steel.

That commitment encompasses stalwartly standing behind every industrial wear product we manufacture.

In fact, meeting and exceeding the industry’s highest-quality standards is our top priority throughout our entire abrasion resistant, impact resistant and wear resistant steel parts fabrication process. The production of high-quality, durable Tensalloy™ 400, 450 and 500 steel products that our customers can reliably count on is what has kept us going strong for more than four decades.

But our longevity hinges even more on the relationships we have developed with our industrial wear application clients.

They love how we work side by side with them to develop innovative solutions to their individual wear challenges.

Whether your industrial wear application problems revolve around impact resistance, abrasion resistance, wear resistance or all three, our leading-edge fabrication techniques can design a Tensalloy™ 400, 450 or 500 resolution to match your requirements. From mining to industrial equipment, from the military to power plants, Clifton Steel’s wide variety of industrial wear products deliver the best solutions to your industrial wear challenges. Our excellent results speak for themselves.

Peak production seasons are no match for Clifton Steel’s industrial wear parts.

The wear resistant Tensalloy™ 400, 450 and 500 steel parts and products we manufacturer deliver the long life needed to carry out even your toughest industrial wear applications. Try them for yourself and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ll experience little to no loss due to down time.

Clifton Steel covers the complete spectrum of abrasion resistant steel plating, impact resistant steel plates and high strength steels (AR400, AR450 and AR500) necessary for staying competitive in today’s industrial wear markets.

Lost production time and hampered throughput resulting from worn parts become things of the past with our wear resistant steel parts behind your industrial wear operations. Our quality steel parts are designed to last, thereby reducing your industrial wear maintenance cycles and keeping your production lines flowing.

Clifton Steel abrasion resistant, impact resistant and wear resistant AR400, AR450 and AR500 steel parts are designed to fit and perform to the highest expectations.

At Clifton Steel our greatest concern is always your bottom line. To that end, we collaborate with you to reduce both the time and money you’re used to spending on maintaining and servicing your various industrial wear parts. We employ an in-house engineering team expressly focused with your profitability in mind. Their singular purpose is to design standardized industrial wear parts that will improve wear and tear, reduce your inventory and, most importantly in today’s competitive marketplace, save you money.

Let us put our 40+ years of experience in the industrial wear industry to work today in solving your most pressing industrial wear issues. Contact us now for a no-obligation free quote analysis and to discuss the Tensalloy™ 400, Tensalloy™ 450 or Tensalloy™ 500 steel solution that’s right for you.

Clifton Steel…Innovative solutions for all your industrial wear problems.

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