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Clifton Steel Company Founded
First Building

Clifton Steel was founded by Bill Neides as a one-man operation starting in a building slightly larger than a garage on Commerce Avenue in Cleveland, OH. 

Early 1970's
Tensalloy Brand Created

The Tensalloy brand was created and trademarked during the early 70's.

Expanded To Larger Building
Clifton Steel's East 47th Facility

Moved operations to a 15,000 square foot building on E 47th Street. 

Began Development of Manganese

parts for the railroad industry. 

Expanded To Larger Building

Upgraded to a 33,000 square foot building in an industrial park in Twinsburg, OH. 

First Experience With Armor Plate

Clifton Steel was introduced to armor plate when Bill bought hard plate from a company in Chicago that was going out of business. 

Development for Scrap & Recycling Industry

Began developing and fabricating parts for the Scrap & Recycling industry. 

Dual Hard Armor Brought to US Specification

 During this time, we partnered with international companies to develop dual armor. Clifton Steel played an instrumental role in providing information and helping advance armor plate steel. 

Early 1980's
Acquired Space in Pittsburgh, PA

Opened a facility in Pittsburgh to fabricate armor material.

Moved to Larger Ohio Facility

The Ohio facility was upgraded to a more spacious building again on Ductin Drive in Twinsburg, OH.

Herb Neides Joins Team

Bill's son, Herb, joined Clifton Steel as Manager of Special Projects & Operational Development.

Military Industry Expansion

Clifton Steel focused on growing and expanding the military opportunities.

Early 2000's
Opened a Facility in Phoenix, Arizona
Herb Named Vice President and Director of Operations
New Facility in Maple Heights, Ohio
In 2004, Clifton Steel opened our 140,000-square-foot facility in Maple Heights, Ohio, and began to work on the construction of in-house heat treating lines for the production of military grade steel armor plate. At the same time, Clifton Steel added multiple high definition plasma burning machines to meet the increasing demand for close tolerance shape cutting.
Upgrades to In-House Processings

Clifton began processing armor plate in-house with the addition of heat-treating line. 

Moved into developing light gauge armor. 

Introduced additional high definition plasma burning machines to meet increased demand for close-tolerance shape cutting

Herb Neides Appointed President and CEO
Herbert C. Neides President of Clifton Steel
Full Quench and Temper Heat Treating Line
steel temper oven

In 2008, the second full quench and temper heat treating line for armor plate was completed and made fully operational. 

Consolidation of Facilities to Maple Heights, OH

The functionality of our Phoenix, Arizona, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, facilities has been brought to Maple Heights, funneling our comprehensive capabilities into one facility.

Quality Management System Developed & Implemented
Acquired St. Lawrence Steel Corporation

St. Lawrence Steel Corporation was founded in 1955 by Bill Beechler.

Transitioned to ISO 9001:2015

Transitioned from ISO 9001:2008 to 9001:2015 successfully implementing risk-based process controls. 

St. Lawrence Integration

Integrated St. Lawrence Steel into Clifton's facilities. We added forming & welding capabilities, as well as overlay capabilities, providing more flexibility and a streamlined process for our customers.

Launched Welding Wire Product Line
Tensaweld Welding Wire

Introduced our Tensaweld™ welding wire product line. 

Machining, Cutting, and Forming Capabilities

Our facility now contains full machining, cutting, and forming capabilities never before offered to our customers from a single manufacturing location. Always, Clifton Steel remains true to our commitment to provide the absolute highest level of quality, service and product available in the wear resistant steel products market.