Clif Clad liners on housing fan
carbon steel shell for fan housing unitChromium carbide overlay lined shell and housingClif Clad liners on housing fan

Fabrication Images

Welcome to our Fabrications gallery. Here you can see examples of projects that we have completed for customers. Clifton Steel can complete full fabrication of custom pieces in-house. Contact us if you have any questions about our fabrication capabilities.

Manganese Separator Drum
Hammer Pins with ThreadingStainless Steel Separator DrumManganese Separator Drum

Scrap & Recycling Images

Welcome to our scrap & recycling gallery. Here you can find a fraction of the superior wear products Clifton Steel provides. Check back as we add more photos to showcase what we offer!

blast furnace to descale steel
abrasion resistant steel blocksdouble oxyfuel steel plate burnblast furnace to descale steel

Services Images

Welcome to our services gallery! The Clifton Steel facility contains custom metal and steel fabricating services complete with in-house machining, cutting, forming capabilities, and more. Visit our services page or contact us to see other services offered by Clifton Steel.