blast furnace to descale steel

Wheelabrator/ Blaster

Descaling and removing rust from steel plate

double oxyfuel steel plate burn

Double Oxyfuel Burn

Wear resistant steel being cut with our double oxyfuel burning table

abrasion resistant steel blocks

Cut Blocks

Cutting thick steel with our oxyfuel table.

plasma burn steel

Plasma Disc Burning

Burn/cutting abrasion resistant steel into disc shapes with plasma.

Steel cut discs

Cut/Burned Steel Discs

Cut/burned steel discs

double torch oxyfuel burning

Double Torch Oxyfuel

Double torch oxyfuel cutting military grade steel

steel temper oven

Temper Oven

Clifton Steel has two temper ovens in our shop

Double Torch Oxyfuel Burning

Double torch oxyfuel cutting military grade steel

ar500 armor plates in steel temper oven

Temper Oven

1 of 2 temper ovens at Clifton Steel.

grinding steel


Grinding steel cut outs to smooth out the edges

screen grate cutting with plasma burning

Plasma Torch Screen Cutting

Creating a screen grate with plasma cutting

cnc machine

Horizontal CNC

Horizontal CNC machine running a pin.

oxyfuel burning steel

Oxyfuel Single Torch

Single torch oxyfuel burning into steel.

grinding steel cut outs

Grinding Edge

Up close look at grinding a cut steel piece

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