Clamshell Buckets
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Wear & Impact Resistant Steel

Not all clam shell bucket applications are created equal. At Clifton Steel we get that. That’s why our wear plate and high strength steel are designed to handle light-duty jobs like bulk material handling all the way through to heavy duty aggregate applications. In fact, our steel offers one of the highest levels of high strength, wear and impact resistance available to the aggregates industry.

When grading our steel for clam shell buckets, we take into consideration the fact that heavy duty buckets may be called upon to handle materials with a density of up to 4500 pounds per cubic yard. Clifton Steel’s high strength steel can hold up to such massive weight and with Clifton’s 42 years of experience, stands the test of time. If it didn’t it wouldn’t pass our rigorous quality assurance testing that is part of our ISO certification.

In addition, our Clif-Clad® chromium carbide overlay steel plate offers five times the hardness of mild steel. As a result, it is ideally suited for a clam shell bucket’s cutting edges and bottom interiors. Even the erosive tendencies of sand, gravel and stone are no match for clam shell buckets fabricated from Clifton Steel’s Clif-Clad® steel plating. Try at test sample of Clif-Clad® chromium carbide overlay steel and you will be amazed at its wear and durability.

Protect your clam shell bucket investment.

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