Chute Liners
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Wear & Impact Resistant Steel

Industrial chutes take on a great amount of impact every time they are put to use. To safeguard them from the wear and tear such impact imposes, Clifton Steel offers chute liners made from our ultra heavy-duty Tensalloy™ AR400 and Tensalloy™ Blue AR500 steel wear plate.


When implemented as a liner, the high abrasion resistance steel wear plate keeps those industrial chutes in peak condition, even when they are used beyond normal conditions. No matter what material a chute handles, Clifton Steel’s liners cushion and protect it because of the attributes and assurances that can be found in the Tensalloy™ steel.

Anytime steel wear is a problem, Clifton Steel can help mitigate the problem. The Tensalloy™ AR400 and AR500 steel wear plate are both specifically designed to resist both the wear and slide abrasion industrial chutes are exposed to on a regular basis. As you know, chute liners are a cost-effective means of achieving such protection and extending the life of all your chutes.

As an integral part of your conveyor system, your chutes are nothing to treat lightly. Don’t let your conveyor system suffer from damage and excessive wear beyond repair. Contact Clifton Steel for more information about the Tensalloy™ AR400 and Tensalloy™ Blue AR500 steel wear plate liners.

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