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At Clifton Steel we understand the issues that are inherent in the movement of stone and rock aggregate. The transport process can be really tough on sand, gravel and all type of haulers because of the heavy amount of impact and friction occurring. This is especially true for buckets, dozers, crushers, and feeders whose surfaces can be highly prone to wear and damage. Not only does this equipment drop in market value, they also require replacement wear parts on a regular basis. 

To mitigate these issues, Clifton Steel carries a range of heavy-duty wear steel bin liners for crushed stone equipment and rock-moving bins that can stand up to the beating these applications put them through. The rigid steel liners allow our aggregate and mining customers to protect their equipment and protect their investment. Our steel bin liners are an eco-friendly option. The durable steel from which they are made not only can be recycled but also ensures that the bin liners withstand the constant impact and abrasion required of them as the stone, sand and aggregate is filled, moved and emptied

Stop wasting time and money on ill-protected or poorly protected machinery.

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