A514 Abrasion Resistant Steel Plate, a514 steel plate, a514 steel propertie, t1 steel plate
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A514 is a conventional quenched and tempered alloy steel plate designed for structural applications. A514 steel is available in a variety of chemistries: A, B, C, E, F, H, J, K, M, P, Q, S, and T. All of these grades have the same mechanical properties.

A514 Steel Specifications


A514 can be cut with plasma, oxy-Acetylene, laser, and water jet, as well as with abrasive cut off saws.


Drilling, countersinking, counterboring, tapping, milling, and general machining can be done with conventional equipment and carbide tools.


A514 steel plates are made for improved formability with low levels of carbon and sulphur for inclusion shape control.


A514 has excellent weldability and can be welded with simple procedures. Ideal welding wires include our Tensaweld Workmate for general purposes and Tensaweld Nickel-90 for increased tensile strength in the weld joint.

Typical Mechanical Properties3/4"Over 3/4" - 2 1/2" inclusiveOver 2 1/2" - 6" inclusive
Yield Strength, min100 ksi100 ksi90 ksi
Tensile Strength, min110-130 ksi110 - 130 ksi110 - 130 ksi
Elongation, min181816
Reduction in area404050
Brinell Hardness235 – 293235 – 293235 – 293
ThicknessUp to 6"
WidthUp to 120"
LengthUp to 480"

Industries Served