Tensalloy™ from Clifton Steel is a special turned, ground, and polished steel designed for applications where stress and shock resistance is vital. Tensalloy™ withstands heavy vibrations and shock. It will resist extreme torsional stresses and carry heavy loads well beyond ordinary steel bars.

Tensalloy™ bars are produced to exacting specifications with a fine, even-grained structure and through hardening to 28 – 32 Rc.

Tensalloy™ Shafting 4140/4150 Specifications


28 – 32 Rc



Tensalloy™ is turned, ground, and polished and machined straightened.

Diameter tolerances are +0", -.002" with a fine 8 micro-finish or better

Special lengths, diameters, and tolerances can be furnished to customer specifications.



Tensalloy™ Extra HY 80 is compatible with Tensaweld Workmate and Tensaweld Nickel-90 welding wire.

Chemical Composition
Carbon 0.43 - 0.50
Manganese 0.60 - 0.90
Phosphorus 0.025 max
Sulfur 0.020 max

Mechanical Properties
Yield Strength 145,000 psi
Tensile Strength 165,000 psi
(% in 2")
Grain Size

95% of 8 on Shepard fracture grain-size standards


1/2" through 7" Diameter
Lengths 20 - 24 feet

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